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The best hunting apps for your mobile or tablet to go hunting

If you are really passionate about hunting, don’t think that all you need is a shotgun – and a license, please. It turns out that computer scientists are also willing to help you and that is why many developers have gone to work to create a good handful of applications to help you when you go out on a hunting party. 

So that you are always successful when you hire any of the stalks that we offer , here are our recommendations:


Caza-Reclamo is one of the most complete applications that you can find in Google Play for hunters, and that is why we placed it first on the list. And one of the most important things is that it is developed specifically for the Spanish territory, focusing on the different autonomous communities and the types of animals that can be hunted there. It has claims for small game, both birds and mammals, as well as large game, such as wild boar, deer or cougars. But it also has many uses, such as information on ban orders by communities, a lunar calendarlegislation on the matter, hunting announcements and a specialized chat for hunters.

ActInNature Caza

Another very complete application for hunting but that for now you will only find in English is ActInNature Caza. With it you will be able to plan the hunts by checking maps where you will be able to see annotations of yourself or other hunters, seeing the weather forecast and the phases of the moon, and organizing groups. During the hunt you can access utilities such as a compass, the logbook, or most importantly, view the map and locate the hunters around you and see their direction. Later you can create an image gallery, create a journal with your impressions and share everything through social networks.


Every good hunter knows the influence that the phases and position of the moon have on animal life, and that is why you may be interested in an application like Solunar, which determines the best moments for different types of hunting. Using simple graphs you can check details from the weather forecast to the phases of the moon and the influence that these factors will have on hunting, and thus be able to choose when it is better to go hunting.

Backpacker GPS Trails

One of the most interesting applications with a GPS locator function for outdoor activities is this Backpacker GPS Trails. It has a GPS location system that you can also locate on aerial maps of the area on which you can create all the annotations you need, including images or audio notes. If you need to remember where you last saw a big cat, this is the ideal app.

iHunt Journal

iHunt Journal is specifically a hunting diary so that you can keep track of the results you are getting in your different outings. Collect all the information related to your location, photographs, trophies that you have obtained, the time during the hunting game… all the data you want to remember can be saved and stored in the cloud thanks to this application.